My name is Josh Polk and I am currently an instructor for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. I am a fully online instructor and I have been teaching since June 2003. My most recent course writing and teaching activities have centered around animation, interactive media, web imaging, and photography.

I have taught a large variety of courses including: Actionscript 3.0, 2d computer animation, Director, web imaging techniques, information design, perspective, design, typography, digital imaging, multimedia scripting, illustration, web programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, web databases, digital audio/video, 3d modeling and animation, and video game scripting, art, and development.

Additionally I have mentored and coached adjunct faculty and have been involved with course and content writing. I also have administrative duties managing content changes for half of the department classes. I am an active member of the curriculum team and am the go to person for information on Interactive, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, animation, photography, and imaging.

This site has been created as my teacher’s portfolio.