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IMD311_AS, Sophomore Portfolio
IDEA Comment

This was a tough class and this was a tough Instructor! I did have some difficulty in the class, but I asked for extra help and he provided it. He pushed me throughout the whole course. At first, it did not make me happy. But, ultimately, I realized it was what I needed to make me work harder to produce greater results. And for that, I am very grateful.

IMD407_AS, Illustration for Multimedia and Web
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As Faculty, I feel instructors grade more realistically. Other seasoned instructors, or professors just give a pass or fail. Mr. Polk actually would grade per the rubrics and make you want to improve as a student. Much more of a benefit than a 100% all the time! Thanks!

G150_WD P01, Introduction to Design Applications
Melissa Saulpaugh (Email)

Instructor Polk,
Before this course is officially over, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making is so enjoyable. Also, I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have provided to all of us students, allowing us to learn in an very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I only hope that instructors I study under in future courses use the same teaching style as you. Keep up the awesome work and your students will continue to succeed,

Melissa Saulpaugh


IMD324 R01, Digital Photography for Interactive Media
Jocelyn Chun (Email)

I’m shooting today so i’ll be watching the videos later. Thanks for the reminder though. It’s really nice to have an instructor that cares:)



IMD311_AS P01, Sophomore Portfolio
Lisa Holman (Discussion Thread)

I have to say this: You have been tough on me and this has been, at times, a grueling class. Just being honest. BUT, I do appreciate it now. You forced me to buckle down and work hard. I know that this is how it will be in the real world. So, ultimately, I am grateful for your honesty and your pushing. And I am extremely grateful you explained to me how to do the layout! I was so confused about that. I know I still am having issues, but I do understand it a lot better now. 

Put me in coach...I'm ready to play :)

IMD311_AS P01, Sophomore Portfolio
Genevieve Primavera (Discussion Thread)

On another note, where the heck have you been in this program?! You are the only teacher I have had here at AI that has given true and honest constructive feedback, hold design values...I could go on. This school NEEDS more teachers like you! I wish you much luck and many advances in your career!  Thank you!!!



IMD311_AS P01, Sophomore Portfolio
Nathan Burnham (Discussion Thread)

I think this course helped immensely in pushing me towards the creation of my portfolio. Even if I eventually change every aspect of this design, I know this course pointed me in the right direction. I've found this course to be one of the most informative of my education. I appreciate all of your incite and expertise in this area.