This past year I focused on improving the quality of feedback to students and improving courses. My critiques continue to grow in length and quality. Where some instructors only hit the major issues in a critique, I try to mention as many things as possible so that the work can be greatly improved. Review my evaluations to see some of the student feeback I recieved.

I could be more efficient by reusing pieces of feedback that are more like frequent answers to frequent questions. But I have had smaller courses this past year making the need for it less.

I did find my student feedback via IDEA scores good, but lower this year than in prior years. I feel like now that completion of the survey is an extra credit item, failing or struggling students who don't appreciate their lower grades are now more a part of the process than before. My good students don't really need the extra credit, and may not participate accordingly. I think this is a problem of the extra credit procedure.

This year has been extremely busy with course writing, and has been a bigger focus. I have or will have rewritten or advised on IMD211, IMD221, IMD222, IMD232, IMD320, and FND135. These formely were mostly Flash and interactive authoring courses. The authoring courses were being revised to include more HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and provide additional reinforcement of these topics for students. Knowledge of these topics has been gained through freelance work, conference attendance, and a great deal of book/web study. I have heard a great deal of positive feedback from other faculty on these courses.

This year I was able to continue teaching much more digital imaging, and a new addition, photography. Photography and image improvement techniques are topics that I spent a lot of time studying, and an area I enjoy learning about. I continue to advance as a photographer and image editor. My portfolio this year focuses on these areas. I have also presented some of this knowledge to faculty.

With my self reflection this year, increased attention to retention has increased my efforts there. I make extra efforts in student communication to keep them in the classroom when they start to fall away, for whatever reason. More leniency has been given to late work, and more attention given to students needing that extra boost.

On the curriculum team, I am still responsible for content alerts.  I continually suggest initiative to help improve our curriculum wherever possible. More and more I am becoming a key resource for many courses.

This was a year of learning, progress, and achievement, but a lot of course development. It will be interesting moving forward into the next year as new technologies, methods, and curriculum are right around the corner. Moving forward I will continue to push efforts towards increased student retention and interaction, which will in turn increase graduation rates. This includes more student assistance and flexibility.