Flat Panel Display System

There are Flat Panel monitors throughout the DIAC to announce and advertise information pertinent to the DIAC community. For best results, customers are encouraged to submit their announcements and advertisements to DAN2B1 for design and dissemination.

Appropriate information for Flat Panel Display -- unclassified information only:

  • Security Announcements
  • Safety Announcements
  • Training Courses
  • Special Reports, i.e. Weather and Traffic
  • Emergency Notices
  • Special Events
  • Special Emphasis Group Activities, MWR & CWF supported
  • Special Holiday Presentations

Who has the authority to approve Flat Panel Display Information?

Anyone may request information be posted on the Flat Panel system. However, DAN2 reserves the right to deny any request. MWR and CWF activities must go through the CWF/MWR offices.

Designing your own flat panel slide:

The flat panel system is kind of like a road-side billboard: the best ones have eye-catching graphics or titles and a minimum of text. The flat panel slides are not a substitute for a flyer or web page, but they can be a great tool to direct interested individuals to your article or web site.

  1. Slide size must be 16x by 9. (Adjust frame size in PowerPoint: Select Page Setup from the File menu.)
  2. Start with a picture or image that is eye-catching and representative of your message.
  3. Tell us in as few words as possible - but in a large font - the main point you want to communicate. You do not have to use complete sentences.
  4. Using a font size less than 54pt will make it difficult to read your text.
  5. Add in short, colorful phrases.
  6. Now tell us where we can get more information. For example: Check out the article on the DIA Internal Communications Splash Page.

Unclassified Sample - Media Services Only Active Area